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October 11, 2020
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Be Careful When Using a Sander

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There are many people that have to do some kind of woodworking during their lifetime. Of course, if you are a carpenter as a trade, then you make different items out of wood all of the time because that is your job. However, there are many people that enjoy making different items out of wood as a hobby. If you own a house, then whether you enjoy woodworking or not, you may find yourself having to use wood to either fix your home or make it have a more updated appearance. No matter why you have to make something out of wood, you will definitely need to use a sander. You will be unable to have a nicely finished project if you do not use a sander because this tool is used to make the wood smooth. In order to have the many different pieces of wood that you are using fit together securely, you will have to make sure that all of the edges are sanded down. In order to use a sander, you will have to take the time to make sure that you use it safely. If you are not careful when you use this tool, you may end up seriously injuring yourself.

Before you even begin using your sander, you will have to make sure that you are wearing the proper safety equipment. If you have long hair, you should make sure that it is tied back away from your face, so it does not get in your way. If you do not have a pair of glasses or goggles, you should purchase a pair. This will keep the wood shavings from getting into your eyes. Once you are safely dressed, you can then secure the piece of wood that you would like to sand by using some kind of grips. You should not sand any piece of wood that is not held down securely because that is dangerous. When you have the piece of wood secured, you can then begin sanding it. You should make sure that you hold the sander with both of your hands because that will give you more control with this tool.

You do not have to use any pressure when you are using your sander. It will smooth out the wood if you allow it to do the work for you. You could end up ruining your project if you apply any kind of pressure to the sander while you are using it. Another way that you can ruin your woodworking project is if you hold the sander at an angle. You will want to make sure that this tool is flat against the surface that you are working on. The bag that is attached to the back of this tool is used to collect the sawdust that will come from your project. In order for the sander to work at its best, you will have to make sure that you empty the bag regularly. Once you have the piece of wood sanded down, you can then turn off the sander, but you should not set it down yet. You should make sure that it has stopped moving completely before you set it down. If you make sure to pay attention to what you are doing while you use this tool, you will end up with a nicely smoothed project and you will be safe.


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