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June 25, 2020
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A Quick Fix for a New Bathroom Look

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You and your family want to have a relaxing and comfortable feeling every time you need to use the room that may the most important room in the house: the bathroom. People usually begin and their day in the bathroom taking baths and showers, cleaning their teeth and washing their faces. Therefore, decorating your bathroom so that you love it should be a top priority.

While any number of people are worried about begining a large project for bathroom decorating, usually because of potential costs, you should realize that even with a small budget you can revitalize the look of your old, plain bathroom by reorganizing, updating, and/or renewing.

Decorating a bathroom can be as uncomplicated as repainting the walls, installing new wallpaper, adding accessories, or updating your existing furniture. If you have unlimited budget, you can also update your tiles, add contemporary light fixtures and install bathtubs and spas, or other luxurious equipment.

Start by clearing out all of the clutter so that you can easily see what you have to work with. Next you need to figure out which items you want to keep and which you want to replace. You can match your current stlye, or decide to go with a whole new theme. Just remember that for smaller bathrooms a lighter theme will make the room appear bigger, giving it a spacious feel.

The Three Basic Themes for Your Bathroom Decorating Project

Traditional, contemporary and country are the three basic themes for bathroom decorating. Choose one based on your taste, desired look and budget.

Traditional styles can easily add elegance with floral fabrics, draperies on the window, or gold and silver accents. Use a traditional design to turn your bathroom or toilet area into a sanctuary. Although the result of traditional bathroom decorating can look expensive, you don't need to buy expensive materials to capture the theme you want.

If your existing bathroom already has a traditional theme, you can update the look and feel of the room by going for contemporary designs. Contemporary bathroom decorating involves clean lines, smooth finishes, steel, and bold color. Include wood finishes, stones tiles, and textures to provide a calming accent. The simple fixtures and accessories result in a dramatic overall look for the bathroom.

Choose a country theme if you love natural materials and neutral colors. Decorate your bathroom with the organic colors, forms and fabrics that give warmth to simple flooring or wallpaper. Use rich colors to accent the neutral colors and give a dramatic effect to the room, while still offering a relaxing effect.

Decorating your bathroom is not difficult or expensive. Just start with a plan and a budget and you'll be surprised how easy it is to make the "Smallest Room in the House" one of the most fun!!


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