The barbeque set in the backyard of the house is a common sight during summers. Stores too abound in barbeque accessories like silicone marinade brushes, various kinds of charcoal, stainless steel spatulas and grilling planks. One barbeque accessory that need not be bought from the stores is the cedar planks. One of the things that has gained immense popularity in the past few decades is plank cooking. More people are resorting to plank cooking as they are aware of an alternative healthy lifestyle. Cedar is the most preferred wood for making planks. Fancy planks are made up of cherry or apple wood for introducing that flavor in the food. You will find many recipe books suggesting the right kind of plank for the food you are planning to prepare.

Cedar planks are a favorite when it comes to grilling fish. The smoky flavor imparted by the cedar planks to the fish, makes it more delicious. Another reason why cedar planks have become the most commonly used grilling planks is that it stops over cooking of food. Cedar planks are considered best for grilling whitefish and salmon. The fish gets a smooth surface to rest on and the user can rest assured that the fish will not fall into the grill.

If one is planning to make cedar planks at home, then it can be bought from any hardware store. However, one has to make sure that the wood does not have any stains or is not treated with any chemicals. When the cedar plank is brought home, it has to be soaked in tepid water for thirty minutes. Experts are of the opinion that the grilling planks should be soaked in water as long as it will be used in the grill. Grilling planks can be soaked up to four hours. Cedar planks can be soaked and frozen for future use. Once the cedar planks are ready, all one needs to do is spray olive oil on the fish and place it on the plank. The skin side of the fish should always be faced down. Vegetables and spices can be added to enhance the taste. The fish will take in the aroma of the grilling planks and give a unique taste to the fish.

Salmon is usually cooked on cedar planks. The cedar plank is placed on the charcoal fire and heated. Olive oil is spayed on the grilling plank so that the fish does not stick to it. The salmon pieces are then placed on the plank. Salmon has been cooked on cedar planks for centuries for the rich smoky flavor that the fish gets. The salmon gets an earthly aroma of the forest, which is irresistible.

All kinds of grilling planks including cedar planks are available at all gourmet food stores, online stores and house ware stores. Some grilling planks like cedar planks are also doubled up as serving plates. Cedar planks can be recycled and fuel can be saved. After grilling the fish on the cedar plank for a few times, the later will become charred. The plank can then be used in the grill instead of charcoal.