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September 11, 2020
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Basic Information About Miter Saws

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If you are working with wood, and if you are interested in making moldings, picture frames or other type of precise cuts, standard miter saws are the perfect tools for you. In other words, this tool will make cross-cuts with precision and accuracy. It is available as a hand or power tool, but most prefer the power option.

The tool works when it grabs a spinning circular saw blade and thrusts it into a piece of wood with a short, but controlled, motion. It provides a definite angle, usually set at 90 degrees. This allows it to make a perfect horizontal cut between the blade and the edge of the longest piece of wood.

However, the angle is not permanently set at the standard position. In fact, one of the best features of this saw is that it allows you to use its miter index. This permits the angle of the blade to be changed to other angles such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees or other appropriate angles. Another handy feature is that the saw is rather small and portable; the blades range in size from about eight to twelve inches.

Standard saws of this type are considered to be relatively safe to use because the working piece of wood is held firm and steady against a fence, or guiding device, that is attached to it. When the saw head moves, it draws back before it is lowered and fed through the wood, making recoil or binding nearly impossible. Of course, it is also important to keep hands clear of the blade.

Other versions of these tools are also available. One of these is a Compound Miter Saw. It has the ability to tilt the blade sideways as well as horizontally. It can also make cuts on both planes on the same piece of wood. In contrast, the Sliding Compound Saw has even more versatility because it creates wider cuts.

Still another type is the Dual Compound Saw. This power tool allows the blade and motor to change directions, which means that it can tilt to the left and right. As a result, more complicated cuts cam be accomplished with this specialty tool.

When using any models of miter saws, you must create a safe and positive work environment. The user needs to know that chips or saw dust will fly around during the cutting process so it is imperative for operators to wear appropriate eye protection. For the same reason, it is also necessary to use the saw in an open area, clear of objects and other people.


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